Other Items

The “Other” tab allows you to add items that are associated with your project but are not part of the milling process. This is useful when you want to know the full price of a project. Some examples are Glue, Screws and Shipping.

Add an item

Tap on the "New" button

Add item

When adding items to your project, you can add an item that’s part of your inventory or select “Quick Add” which will only be a part of your project.


If there are no items in Inventory, the combo box will be empty.


To edit, double tap on the item or swipe right and select Edit

Edit item


To delete, swipe left and select Delete

Edit item


A perfect example of using Other Items is to account for labor costs.

In the Inventory tab, create three items as follows:

Add labor to inventory

Now in your project, add the labor items where quantity reflects the number of hours required to complete the task.

Labor costs

If you look at the Summary tab, you will see how much you need to charge for labor.