Simple, Powerfull and Affordable.

Plywood cut calculator that quickly generates optimized cut lists

Quickly generate cutting diagrams to minimize waste and maximize productivity.
Available for both Windows and iPad.

Are you wasting valuable time and energy?

The old way
Spending hours with pen and paper trying to find the best way to cut out your parts?
The better way
Let Offcuts analyze each part of your project, and create a detailed cut list, optimizing for minimal waste.

Made For Builders

From Woodworks to Metal Workers
No Hidden Fees
We won't upsell you for extended features. When you buy Offcuts, you'll always get free updates and access to all features.
Quick and Simple
Getting started couldn't be simpler. Just create a project, and you're ready to go. Enter your parts and let Offcuts create an optimized cutting list for you.
You're not limited to just "plywood". With Offcuts you can add any material you want - plywood, lumber, metal, etc. to an inventory shared by all your projects.
Don't want to take your tablet into your workshop? Not a problem. Just print out a detailed report including pricing, materials needed, parts list, and individual cut lists.

Spend less time planning and more time building

Available for both Windows and the iPad

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