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Offcuts Features

Easily Manage Your Projects

Getting started couldn't be simpler. Just create a project, and you're ready to go. Enter your parts and let Offcuts create an optimized cutting list for you.

Managing Offcuts projects

Build an Inventory of Materials

Offcuts maintains an inventory of materials shared across all your projects. You can select from sheet goods (plywood, plastic, metal, fabric) and milled lumber. To get you started, Offcuts comes pre-stocked with a list of materials ready for use in your project.

Missing a type of wood or other material you need? No problem. Just add the missing material type or sizes, and you’re good to go!

Managing Offcuts inventory of materials

Add Other Items to Your Inventory

Offcut categorizes the bits and pieces you need to finish a project – hinges, glue, nails, finishes, and more – and saves the inventory for you to use on other projects.

Managing associated items for your project

Easily Define all Project Parts

Quickly enter and review all the parts that make up your project.

Is the grain direction not important? Let Offcuts rotate the parts for the best possible fit.

To help organize your project, create assembly groups – like “Case,” “Drawer,” and “Base” and assign each part to the appropriate group.

Creating project parts

Quickly Generate a Cut List

Our plywood cut calculator will break your project down by wood type and thickness, creating the most efficient way to use your material and minimize waste.

Offcut's cutting diagram

Generate Reports

You’ve entered your parts and generated your cut list. But how much is this project going to cost?

The Reports page provides you with a Summarize view of everything you need to complete your project -- including the total cost and a Page by page view of your project in a printable PDF.

Download a sample cutting diagram report

Reports generated in Offcuts

See how to use Offcuts

We'll walk you through the process of taking a design for a workshop cart and create a detailed cutting list using Offcuts.

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