Frequently Asked Questions

No. Offcuts is designed specifically for Windows 10.
Not today. It is something we're considering.
Not at all. When you upgrade from hobby to the professional version, you only pay the difference between the two prices.
When you select the Report option, Offcuts only presents you with a summarized view of your project. If you select Print, Offcuts will generate a complete multi-page report that you can take into your shop. To learn more, check out Reporting in our video tutorials section.
It's really easy to add yourself. We created a video called "Labor Costs" to walk you through the steps. Check out Labor Costs in our video tutorials section.
This tells you that there are other projects that are using this material. Since it's in use, you can't edit the name or delete it.
Yes. Via the Settings menu option, you can select Inches, Centimeters, Millimeters or Decimal Inches.
The dimensions of your part are too large to be placed on the selected raw material. For example, you've created a part to be cut out that's 10" wide x 50" high and it's to be cut out of maple plywood. Let's assume that there's only one sheet item in the Raw Materials database and it's dimensions are 48" x 48". Because the plywood is too small for the part, and this is the only piece available, then the warning icon will appear. To fix it, add a new sheet (if possible) that's 48" x 96".
Under the Settings menu, select the Backup button. This will backup your projects and raw materials database. Keep in mind when you restore a backup, the raw materials database and all projects will be replaced with what's in the backup file.

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