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Let Your Long Exposure Calculator Do the Thinking for You


Here's How Photographers Get the Effect They Want

It’s hard to select the right combination of filters for the perfect shot, but LEX makes it easy and eliminates the need for trial and error. Just choose the effect you’re looking for and LEX calculates which ND filters get you what you want. A built-in timer keeps your long exposure photography session on track.

LEX Features

Selecting the Effect

Are you hoping to make your clouds soft and blurry, your moving cars and people invisible, and your water texture minimal? LEX only lists the ND filters that give you the effect you want, eliminating guesswork.

Selecting the effect

Choose Your ND Filter

Selecting the neutral density is a breeze:

  • Set your camera to the lowest ISO possible
  • Compose your photo without adding any ND filters to your camera
  • Look through the viewfinder and make note of the shutter speed
  • Select the matching meter reading in LEX and select the appropriate filters
Choosing the right ND filter

Time Your Long Exposure

LEX provides you with a built-in timer to notify when the long exposures are complete.

Time the exposure

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